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Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Once your bookkeeping in order, we help create financial statements and other operating reporting for your business. Not only do we produce the reports that become the basis for your business tax return, we educate our clients on how to read financial statements and tax returns so that you know they are acurate. Accounting should be a collaborative work between business owner and their accountant. We need your input to produce correct financial statements. 


An accurate tax return begins with a good bookkeeping and recordkeeping system. We work with you and your staff to make the bookkeeping process easier and less time consuming so you can concentrate on making a profit.

Payroll Services

Who qualifies to be paid as a subcontractor versus being paid as an employee? How much in draws versus payroll should a business owner pay themselves? We help you answer these and many more related topics. Tracking employee time and money can get complicated in a hurry. Get help for all your business’s payroll needs, including issuing paychecks and filing your quarterly tax returns. Services range from after the fact payroll tax remittance and form processing to live payroll.

Tax Preparation Services

Business Tax Returns

No one wants to overpay their tax obligation. Our goal is to produce the lowest legal tax result for our business owners. Business owners participation in planning and understanding their returns is crucial to achieving that goal.

Get expert tax services for your business. Services include tax planning sessions to chart a course for decreasing future tax obligations and preparation of your business’s tax return.


Have you ever looked at your tax return and wondered how you could possibly owe that much? Understanding what goes into your return, not missing any deductions and getting all of your questions answered are important. We take the time to explain what is in your tax return and make sure you understand it. Why would you sign a tax return that you don't understand? We wouldn't and neither should you.

Get tailored help for your unique tax situation. Services include tax planning sessions to plan the best way to cut future tax bills and preparation of your Form 1040 and any related IRS forms.

Other Services

Tax Planning and Business Consultation

Tax Planning:

Before December 31st an accountant can help you with tax planning so you know what your tax obligation is and what you can do to legally reduce your tax bill. On January 1st we all turn into fancy form filler-outers. Don't wait until tax season for a big tax surprise, visit us in the fall for a tax planning meeting. 

Business Consultation:

Our monthly business clients get this service included. We want to help you become efficient at making a profit and keeping it. We have helped a wide variety of businesses for many years and look forward to being a part of your success. 

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